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"Can you help me start my wine cellar?"

"Do I have to serve white wine in August at my garden party?  I don't even know anybody who drinks white wine!"

"S$#@!!  I forgot my friend/lover/boss' birthday and need to get a really nice bottle, but I have NO idea what to get."

"What wines should I serve at my wedding???"

"I really liked that $75 bottle I had last there anything like it for $20!?"


Each project is different and pricing will vary.  

No job is too small!

Contact me today and we'll get started.




Breathe in.

Breathe out.

I'm here to help!

Let me help you with your most pressing wine questions:

  • Picking wines for your event (wedding/corporate event/ graduation party/ diner party, etc.)

  • Finding the perfect bottle(s) for a gift or special event

  • Starting a wine collection

  • Helping you find new and exciting wines to fit your pallatte


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                     "In victory you deserve Champagne-
in defeat you need it."
-Napolean Bonaparte
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