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Boxed Wine?? Take One...

Hey y'all!!

Rebecca here.

I'll make a long story short- over the summer we uprooted our little family and moved to Austin, Texas! We are having a great time exploring our new city and I am excited to get back to the blog!

Today's post explores a question that is always on my mind.

Boxed wine?

I mean, it's cheap...

It's a great value...

It might be good, right??

Well, I bit the bullet tonight and here's my first foray (in my post college days...) into boxed wine.

Explore with me!!

I did a little research and settled on Bota Box's Nighthawk Black. The 2013 vintage is from California and has great reviews from WineMag- earning 87 points. My vintage is 2015, which I know isn't what the 2013 Napa Vintage was, but I decided to give it a shot!

First thoughts: Love the box! It makes me think of campfires and cool Fall nights...maybe this will be a staple in the coming months??

LOVE the instructions! I love when I feel like I am in tune humor-wise with my products! Cue Snapple tops, anything Trader Joes, and, now, Bota Box!

First sip: Hmm...very fruity...hmm...nice smoky flavor...hmm

That kind of sums it up!! Let's be honest, I can tell this is not a $50 bottle of wine. Ok. Done. We got through that. But when I dive in and investigate the flavors a little more, I'm definitely liking this! It reminds me of Apothic Red and Apothic Dark. If anyone has had McMannis Cabernet Sauvignon, it reminds me of that too. After you get past the first "this is young, this is not a Left Bank Bordeaux Estate," it's very nice. Lots of jammy raspberry and fig flavors with a beautiful, smoky, round toasty vanilla make this a GREAT choice for a box of wine.

This is definitely a wine I would like to keep on my counter or in my fridge. I could have this while I'm fixing dinner for my son or if my husband doesn't want to share a bottle on a Tuesday night. And, it'd be totally cool to pour a glass for a friend or coworker who happens to stop by...and you don't want to drop $75 on poppin' a "nice" bottle.

Try it! Let me know what you think! And let me know if you see any other boxed wines you'd like to try...I'd love to review them on my site.

Happy Labor Day, y'all!!!

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