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Sangria- Social Wino Style!

OOh- Cinco de Mayo celebrations and hot, sunny afternoons have me dreaming of S-A-N-G-R-I-A!!!!!

As with most things, I like to start with the traditional version and branch out from there.

There are so many variations of Sangria (a particularly lovely blood orange white wine sangria at a tapas bar in Wrigleyville immediately comes to mind) but today I am going to share my go to, party tested, always delicious recipe!

Spanish Sangria is traditionally red wine, fruit, and sugar.


I start by slicing a couple oranges, an apple, and a lemon.

And did I mention cinnamon sticks? Cinnamon sticks. They are key. And very traditional.

I put these all in a large bowl and take out my aggression/ watch Netflix while I muddle- depending on the day!

And converse. Got that? Red wine, fruit, sugar, cinnamon sticks, and converse. Like I said, simple!

Next I pour in the wine!

My favorite wine to use?

Garnacha (Grenache), Tempranillo, Nero d'Avola, etc.

Basically you're looking for a wine that is not too tannic (it will make the sangria too heavy), not too acidic (you'll be adding plenty of acid with the fruit), and not too earthy (my favorite grape Cabernet Franc will, alas, not be a wise choice because of its very earthy profile which will clash with the fruit).

And, remember, you're mixing this and making it your own. This is the time and place to save the dollars!

If you have time, I like to leave this in the fridge for a couple of hours. If not, no stress! The flavors will deepen and become more complex and it will just get better as you serve it.


This is the time where you can keep it simple (converse optional) or start to add your individual spin!

I usually add liquor (brandy or cointreau/ triple sec), ice if you need/ want it, and a touch of simple syrup/ sparkling water OR a can of Blood Orange Aranciata.

PRO TIP: Do not add sugar, liquor, or bubbles until the end. Start small! Taste as you go! This way, it will be exactly AS YOU LIKE IT! (Thanks Willy Shakes!)

Serve and enjoy!

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